Kidney cancer

Things to know before you undergo nephron sparing surgery

Not all surgeries are without complications, and each surgery has a unique set of complications Before going for Nephron sparing surgery (removal of only the tumor, not the whole kidney), you should know that Local recurrence (coming back in the kidney area) of the cancer is higher than if we remove the whole of the […]

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FAQ: Doc, would you remove my adrenal gland while taking out my kidney?

With more awareness, more patients are asking this question. Adrenal gland sits right on top of the kidney, touching it. And sometimes, we have to remove your adrenal gland with the Kidney tumor. you may ask when would that “sometimes” be? If you have a large tumor (>7cm) on the top pole of the kidney, […]

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FAQ: What is Nephron sparing surgery for kidney cancer?

Nephron sparing surgery is the correct term for “partial nephrectomy”, a surgery where we do not remove the whole of your kidney, but remove just the part that has the tumor, saving the rest of the kidney. There are conditions where we absolutely HAVE to do it Where you have a kidney tumor in both […]

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