Things to know before you undergo nephron sparing surgery

Not all surgeries are without complications, and each surgery has a unique set of complications

Before going for Nephron sparing surgery (removal of only the tumor, not the whole kidney), you should know that

  1. Local recurrence (coming back in the kidney area) of the cancer is higher than if we remove the whole of the kidney (5-10% vs 1-2%). But studies have shown that it doesn’t make a difference on overall survival. Potential benefit of Nephron sparing surgery might overweigh this disadvantage and it may be worth the whole exercise.
  2. There is a chance of urinary leak from the remaining part of the kidney (to outside the kidney) which might need a “stent” inside the body which drains the urine via the right path (Kidney to bladder). We might need to keep this stent for 6 weeks or even more. Most urine leaks out of the kidney resolve with a stent.
  3. You may need more intensive follow up in the OPD than you would if we remove whole of the kidney. That might mean 2 additional visits per year.

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