FAQ: Doc, would you remove my adrenal gland while taking out my kidney?

With more awareness, more patients are asking this question. Adrenal gland sits right on top of the kidney, touching it. And sometimes, we have to remove your adrenal gland with the Kidney tumor.

you may ask when would that “sometimes” be?

  1. If you have a large tumor (>7cm) on the top pole of the kidney, you have a high chance that it may affect your adrenal gland. So to be safe, we remove the adrenal along with the kidney.
  2. Sometimes, a CT scan may suggest invasion of the adrenal gland with tumor. Here again, it is safer to remove your adrenal gland

Does removal of adrenal cause any problem?

Fortunately, like two kidneys, you have two adrenal glands. So it may not be a problem till your other adrenal is diseased as well.

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